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Monthly unique users of Universal Knowledge's search engine 33.94 million

Desired products can be easily found through Keyword Suggest

There are many customers who do not know the exact product name for the product they seek and, therefore, cannot get to the product they want. Universal Knowledge’s suggestion engine accurately suggests information sought by customers by using keywords, product names, categories, and other information.

  • Keyword Suggest

    Keyword Suggest

    Suggestions are immediately displayed below the search box whenever customers enter product names, maker names, brand names, or other information. Customers can then choose a suggested keyword with a simple click.

  • Product Suggest

    Product Suggest

    The display of products in conjunction with Keyword Suggest is called Product Suggest. Customers can click on the products to take the shortest route to the product details page.

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The key to quality improvement is the improvement cycle

Universal Knowledge regularly goes through a cycle consisting of search result quality evaluation, implementation of improvement measures, and bucket testing. In terms of search result improvement, it is not enough to simply improve the technology. Providing optimal search results can only begin to be possible through the appropriate operations by search specialists.

  • Search Quality Evaluation

    Search Quality Evaluation

    The relevance of search results to keywords entered by customers is evaluated using a numerical value (DCG score). Quantification makes the objective understanding of improvement possible.

  • Bucket Test

    Once improvement measures have been implemented, the improved search results are shown to a selection of customers, and values such as sales and conversions are measured. This is called a “Bucket Test,” and is conducted without fail prior to release.

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Universal Knowledge provides ASP product search engines and keyword suggesttion engines that work with purchasing behavior for eCommerce websites.